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Hundreds of Thousands of Happy Customers

Byte is better.

Better service. Better technology. Better results.

Let's Review...

  1. A straighter, brighter smile in as little as 3-4 months.
  2. Convenient, orthodontist directed treatment at home.
  3. Exclusive Hyberbyte technology.
  4. World-class customer service.
  5. Lifetime smile guarantee. 
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HyperByte Technology

Our exclusive dental movement acceleration device cuts treatment time in half.

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Avoid costly orthodontic visits and years and years of bills. byte is less than half of the cost of getting traditional braces.

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Lifetime Smile Guarantee

If your teeth ever move, shift, turn, or rotate, we'll get it fixed at no cost. For life.

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*Avg.  treatment  time  of   3-4  months.

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